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JFEX Awards

Annual Financial Innovation Award

We are delighted to announce, on behalf of JFI AWARD, that applying for the JFI AWARD 2023 has been open. So have your say now and ensure you’ve submitted your application before the 20th of August 2023.

JFI AWARD 2023 Recognizing The Best Of The Best In The Finance Industry. JFI AWARD 2023 is an annual event in Jordan organized by AFAQ GROUP under the endorsement of the International financial experts. 

Through the experience of AFAQ International in financial awards criteria within successive 23 years with international financial companies; this year the event is held on  6th September , 2023  Mövenpick Hotel, Amman, Jordan

About JFI Award 2023

JFI AWARD aim to celebrate all that is entrepreneur and innovative within the leading brands in the online trading(FX),fintech, banking, digital assets, blockchain, and payments sphere and we would encourage you to browse through the rest of the awards site and see where the excellence in your organization can become a nomination in the awards process. ‘Old hands’ and new entrants have equal chances to write a new chapter in the story of the Entrepreneur JFI AWARD by nominating those projects which are new and exciting in the financial services. Your participation in JFI AWARD 2023 would be greatly appreciated and definitely a meaning full contribution to the success of this event.

Judging Panel & Process

The Judging Panel

The judging panel is made up of internationally recognized and respected judges from a variety of related sectors and disciplines. The panel is carefully selected to ensure the judging process is fair and objective. The judges are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement and are required to declare any conflict of interest in entries over which they deliberate and stand aside from deliberations concerning those entries.

Judging Procedure

After the closing date for submissions all nominations will be collected and reviewed by our panel of judges guaranteeing objectivity and credibility. The judges will use the published criteria against which to score the entry. Each Award winner will be decided by consensus among the judges and no correspondence will be entered into by outside parties. Judging will be based on the strength of the submissions and according to the Award key criteria. The judges will then submit their individual scores which are collated and a shortlist created and winners selected. Winners will be announced only on the night of the Awards ceremony itself. The judges’ decision is final and neither the organizers nor the judging panel will enter into any correspondence about the results. The judges reserve the right to choose the nomination location of each company.


We recognize and respect the sensitive nature of the information submitted in the entries. Entries are not disclosed or discussed outside the judging process. We do not publish the names of companies, organizations or individuals that have not won an Award, nor will we reproduce any information from your entry. Therefore, if you enter the Awards, but are not successful, this will remain confidential. In addition, entrants may mark any commercially sensitive information contained in their entry as ‘not for publication’. All entries and supporting material will be destroyed after the Awards presentation. The organizers reserve the right to use information contained in the winning entries (apart from contact details and any content marked not for publication) for subsequent publicity, promotions and other activities relating to the Awards.

Entry for the JFI Award is opened. Further details on the entry process can be viewed below.

• Fill the application of the award.
• Choose which categories you would like to nominate.
• Complete the entry form and submit it to :suhair@afagroupadv.com
• Pay for your entries by 20th  August 2023 in order for them to be submitted for the judging process.
Non Exhibitor Expo participant can participate in 1 nomination.
Exhibitor can participate in 4 nominations (Including The Broker Of The Year).
Sponsor can participate in 6 nominations (Including The Broker Of The Year).

How much does it cost to enter?

• Award entry – 5000$ (Non JFEX EXPO Participant)
• Award entry – Free (Expo Participant)


• An invoice will be sent to you by post within the next five working days
• Payment can also be made by calling the Events team on +962799141718

The entry deadline:

The closing date for all entries is 20th  August 2023.

Wealth Management:
1. Best Wealth Management Platform
2. Best Wealth Management Product
3. Best Wealth Management Company
4. Wealth Management Innovation
5. Award Best Robo Advisory Platform
1. Best Consumer Payments Platform
2. Best Consumer Payments Product
3. Best Consumer Payments Company
4. Consumer Payments Innovation Award
5. Best Point of Sale Company
6. Best Small Business Payments Solution
7. Best Credit Card Payments Solution
8. Best B2B Payments Platform
9. Best B2B Payments Product
10. B2B Payments Innovation Award
11. Best B2B Payments Company
Consumer Banking:
1. Best Consumer Banking Mobile App
2. Best Digital Bank
3. Innovation in Banking Award
Banking Infrastructure:
1. Best Banking Infrastructure Platform
2. Best Banking Infrastructure Software
3. Best Banking Transaction Solution
4. Best Open Banking API

Consumer Lending:
1. Best Consumer Lending Platform
2. Best Consumer Lending Product
3. Best Consumer Lending Company
4. Best Loan Origination Platform
5. Best Overall Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform
6. Innovation Award for Consumer Lending

Online Brokers Trading (FX):
1. Most trusted FX Broker
2. Most Transparent FX Broker
3. FX Newcomer of the Year
4. Best Institutional FX Provider
5. Best Retail FX Provider
6. Best Value Broker
7. Best Affiliate Program
8. Best FX Customer Services
9. Best Educational FX Website
10. Best FX Fintech Broker
11. Best FX CFD Broker
12. Best FX Execution Broker
13. Best FX Copy Trading Platform
14. Best FX ECN Broker
15. Best FX Introducing Broker Programme
16. Best FX Mobile Trading Platform /App
17. Best FX Partners Programme
18. Best FX Trading Experience
19. Best FX Trading Innovation
20. Best FX Trading Platform
21. Best FX Trading Support
23. Best FX Media Provider
24. Best FX Customer Service
25. Best FX Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
27. Best FX Social Trading Broker
26. Best All-Round Liquidity Provider
27. Best Bridge Provider
28. Best Fintech & Solutions
29. Best Risk Management System
30. Best Stocks Broker
31. Best White Label Provider
32. Best Business and Innovative Woman of the Year
33. Best Business and Innovative Man of the Year

1. Best RegTech Solution
2. Best RegTech Startup
3. Best RegTech Company
4. RegTech Innovation Award
1. Best Procure-to-Pay Software
2. Best Contract Management Solution
3. Best AP Solution
4. Best Overall eProcurement Software
Industry Leadership
1. Best Employee Benefits Solution
2. Best FinTech CEO
3. Best FinTech Startup
4. Best Employee Benefits Solution
5. Best Overall FinTech Software
6. Best Overall FinTech Mobile App
7. Best Use of AI in FinTech
8. Best Use of Blockchain in FinTech
9. Best Overall FinTech Company
1. Best Cryptocurrency Purchasing Site
2. Best Cryptocurrency Exchange
3. Best Cryptocurrency Wallet
4. Best Cyrptocurrency Information Source
1. Best InsurTech Solution
2. Best InsurTech Company
3. Best InsurTech Startup
4. InsurTech Innovation Award
Business Lending
1. Best Business Lending Platform
2. Best Business Lending Product
3. Best Small Business Lending Solution
4. Best Overall Business Lending Company
5. Innovation Award for Business Lending
6. Best Overall LendTech Company

Personal Finance
1. Best Personal Finance Platform
2. Best Personal Finance Product
3. Best Personal Finance Company
4. Personal Finance Innovation Award
5. Best Financial Product Comparison Service
6. Best Personal Budgeting Service
7. Best Online Mortgage Broker
8. Best Digital Mortgage Platform
9. Best Digital Mortgage Product
10. Best Digital Mortgage Company
11. Digital Mortgage Innovation Award
1. Best Retail Investment Platform
2. Best Retail Investment Company
3. Best Social Trading Platform
4. Best Stock Trading App
5. Best Institutional Investment Platform
6. Best Institutional Investment Solution
7. Best Real Estate Investment Platform
8. Best Trading Platform
Financial Research and Data
1. Best Overall Analytics Platform
2. Best Predictive Analytics Platform
3. Analytics Innovation Award
4. Best Risk Management Service
5. Best Risk Management Platform
6. Best Data Visualization Service
7. Best Financial Research and Data Company
Fraud Prevention and Transaction Security
1. Best Fraud Prevention Platform
2. Best Fraud Prevention Company
3. Best AML Solution
4. Fraud Prevention Innovation Award
5. Best Financial Transaction Security Platform
6. Best Financial Transaction Security Company
7. Transaction Security Innovation Award
1. Best Crowdfunding Platform
2. Best Crowdfunding Company
3. Crowdfunding Innovation Award

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